Make your car earthquake ready.
Make Some Practical and Attractive Earthquake Prep Art
For Your Car!
In Case of Emergency Break Art3_Watson.j
In Case of Emergency Break Art1_Watson.j
In Case of Emergency Break Art2_Watson.j
Step 1: Tools and Materials

To make this sculpture you'll need:

A cereal box,

The bag cereal came in,

Emergency supplies,



Duct tape,

Latex gloves,

A face mask,

Mixing bowl,

Something to mix with.


The material I chose for the sculpture is plaster of paris. I chose it because it's a fragile material that's perfect for smashing. You can get plaster of paris at any hardware store.


Step 2: Design


First of all, you have to think about the sculpture's shape. What shape will fit neatly on your cars dashboard? 


When you have decided for a shape, start by building the sculpture's container from the cereal box -make it to approximately the dimensions you want your car art to be. 


Step 3: Construct


Next, place the cereal bag into the cereal box, and add a few of your earthquake supply items into it (put anything that is not waterproof in a ziplock bag).


Now you need to mix the plaster. Mix it according to the instructions on the box (wear a mask and gloves).


When your plaster is mixed, pour into into the cereal bag that is inside the cereal box. Your emergency supply items might float, but that’s ok, just add more items on top of them.


At this point you may be fighting with the bobbing emergency supply items — just keep a gloved finger on them to keep them at least a little submerged in plaster.


After approximately 10 minutes the plaster will be firm enough to hold everything in place. Carefully extract your finger!


Now take the duct tape and wrap it around the outside of the box, so it won’t split open.


Leave to dry for five days.


Step 4: Reveal


Cut off the duct tape and peel the box away from the sculpture. Then carefully peel the waxed cereal bag away.


Voila - now you have your emergency supplies car art sculpture. Feel free to paint it — you can even carve it to make a more interesting shape.


Balance sculpture in your car, ready to smash it and release all the emergency supplies when you need them.

car art copy.jpg