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Prepping Styles by Zodiac Sign
Aries: Doing 5 minute plank challenge and/or 30 day push up challenge 
Taurus: Stock piling peanut butter, but then regularly eating peanut butter stock pile
Gemini: Memorizing map of city/county/state for escape routes
Cancer: Checking in with loved ones about their prepping, but not prepping yourself
Leo: Buying an expensive all-in-one prep kit online - job done
Virgo: Visualizing a new perfect society for after the quake
Libra: Finding a prep-buddy through book club
Scorpio: We're all going to die anyway, so what's the point
Sagittarius: Looking forward to solitary life in a bunker
Capricorn: Doesn't do anything - got to take care of the here and now
Aquarius: Plans to fill bathtubs with water instead of buying bottled water - eco-friendly and cheap!
Pisces: Joins neighborhood volunteer emergency team. Also learns HAM radio
Acorn Coffee Recipe
Pair of Acorns
Yellow Mug